Different Grades of Plywood

This article lists the most common types of grades of plywood that are available in India.

1. IS 303 MR grade plywood

MR stands for 'Moisture Resistant' plywood. It is also known as Commercial plywood and is the most commonly used material for making home and office furniture. It’s of an Interior grade and meant for making furniture that will be used indoors.

2. IS 303 BWR grade plywood

The acronym BWR stands for 'Boiling Water Resistant'. It’s an interior grade plywood, that is better than MR grade plywood. It is used for making indoor furniture. It is costlier than MR grade plywood..

3. IS 710 BWP grade plywood

BWP stands for ‘Boiling Water Resistant’. It is the preferred choice of material for making those pieces of furniture that are likely to get wet. e.g. Kitchen cabinets and other Kitchen furniture. It's also costlier than MR & BWR grade ply. BWP grade plywood is superior in strength and quality to both MR and BWR grades of plywood.

Apart from these 3 basic plywood grades, there are several types of plywood such as flexible plywood that can be rolled up into sheets and useful for making curved furniture, and FR grade fire retardant plywood which is good at resisting fires and used in public places such as theatres. There are also a variety of Industrial grade plywood such as Structural plywood, Phenolic Film-faced Concrete Shuttering plywood used in building construction work.

While there are so many types of plywood available in the market, the two most commonly used grades for home furniture requirements are the commercial MR grade and the Waterproof BWP grade of plywood.